Album 2: My Childhood and Adolescence

As you can tell, I loved to eat chocolate cake and ice cream as a kid. But my favorite meal as a youngster was a sweet onion sandwich with lots of French's mustard. And I always liked to help in the kitchen, especially if cake batter, icing, or cookie dough was involved.




My kindergarten class made a special trip on the B&O Railroad one day. I don't remember where we went, but I do know that it was my first train ride. I am the young man in the front row wearing the double-breasted camel coat.







This is my picture in first or second grade at Steenrod Elementary School in Wheeling, West Virginia. 

Is that an angelic or a devilish look on my face?  I'm not quite sure myself.




I don't know if everyone goes through an awkward stage, but this was early in mine: 7th grade. Middle school was very difficult for me. My family was large, and we didn't have much money. I went to four different middle schools in two years as we kept looking for more affordable housing. Fortunately, things improved by the time I entered high school.