3 NBs of Julian Drew



3 NBs of Julian Drew is a novel about the strange and sometimes magical life of 15-year-old Julian Drew. He buys a notebook (abbreviated as NB, it is the first NB of three that he fills for this book) on October 25 at an Osco Drug in Tempe, Arizona. It is a spiral green Econoline with 80 pages, 34 lines per page. For four days he tries to write in his NB or notebook, but his pen will not cooperate until it lets him write in a secret code to someone he calls U: "My hand is going 2 write U if it K1775 me," his pen writes. "My brain had a nowhere dream 4 20 nights. My eyes saw a book on a shelf. My fingers found a letter inside. The letter was from U." 

Word by mysterious word, his NBs become a refuge from his bewildering circumstances and a record of a special dream about U and the journey he undertakes to solve the puzzle of his life. Published in softcover by Houghton Mifflin (a new edition published June 2004). For ages 12 and up.


The Four Covers of Julian Drew
Houghton Mifflin, 1994
Avon, 1996
Harper, 2000
Graphia, 2004


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