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When I was growing up, I loved nothing more than to read a good ghost story. That's one of the reasons why the very first book that I wrote for children was a ghost hunting guide entitled, How to Find a Ghost. It was a popular book when it was published and led me to write two other ghost books.

The next ghost book was an anthology of thirteen ghost stories researched by ghost scientists. It was called Ghost Hunters, and it contains some of my favorite ghost stories of all time.

Then I wrote my first and (so far) only ghost novel, called The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose. I made up a series of both funny and scary ghost stories for this book. If you like a good ghost story novel, you are sure to like this book.

Unfortunately, all three books are now out of print, but you can still order used copies from Amazon.



I have decided to put some of my favorite stories from these three books in my Haunted House.

Follow the links below to have a haunting good time:


The Living Room

"The Haunted Living Room"

The Kitchen

"The Kitchen in the Bleeding House"

Bedroom 1

"The Mummy's Eyes"
Bedroom 2 "The Ghost of the White Lady"

Bedroom 3

"The Pleading Ghost"
Bedroom 4 "The Sauchie Poltergeist"

The Nursery

"The Haunting of Abbey House"
The Garden "My Very First Ghost Story by Christina Rose"
The Attic!! "The Widow and Hans Hanson, or Roberto Wing's Ghost Story"





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