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The Loneliest Mummy The Curse of King Tut's Tomb The Story of Lindow Man The Unlucky Mummy of the Titanic

Most of these stories are taken from James M. Deem's How to Make a Mummy Talk


From the first time I saw a mummy movie on TV, I developed a lifelong interest in mummies: Egyptian and otherwise, factual and fictional.

One of my favorite activities in childhood was watching TV shows and old movies--especially scary movies. How to Make a Mummy Talk by James M Deem Many Friday nights I begged to watch the Twilight Zone, only to become so scared that I couldn't go to sleep all night; the scariest episode of all was the one entitled "Room for One More" involving a dream about the hospital morgue. And on Saturdays I often tuned in an old Mummy movie (or Frankenstein or the Wolfman--you get the picture). The mummy movies were the most fascinating to me--the idea of someone coming back to life (all wrapped up in tattered bandages) was very creepy. Although as a child I never had a chance to see a real mummy or learn about ancient Egypt (it wasn't covered in my school's curriculum), I kept this fascination to adulthood.

In 1990, when I was all grown up (and then some), I got an idea to write a book about mummies. I was in the British Museum in London, climbing up the long staircase to the second floor when I came across a mummy that I couldn't ignore. It was Lindow Man, and he was in a display case at the top of the stairway.

Lindow Man is a bog body, a kind of mummy I had never before encountered. One look at his preserved body, and I knew I wanted to write a book about all the different types of mummies in the world. That's what I did in my book How to Make a Mummy Talk. To do this, I read a lot of books and articles about mummies. I spoke to a number of mummy experts. I also visited many museums that exhibit mummies. One of my personal favorites is the Museo de las momias in Guanajuato, Mexico. I've included a few pictures to help you get the idea. A few years later, I decided to write an entire book about bog bodies, complete with photographs; it's called Bodies from the Bog.

I have three mummy stories (and one Titanic mummy story) on my website:


Mummy Story 1: The Loneliest Mummy--a sad mummy story about the stolen mummy of a 15 year-old girl who is still displayed at a California museum) 

Mummy Story 2: The Curse of King Tut's Tomb--a factual look at a story created by the rumor mill.

Mummy Story 3: The Story of Lindow Man--the account of how a famous bog body was discovered and what scientists were able to piece together.

Mummy Story 4/Titanic Story 3: The Unlucky Mummy of the Titanic--a retelling of the legend, followed by the real facts of the case.





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