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UFO Story 1: Three Types of UFO UFO Story 2: A UFO Possibility in  Montvale, NJ UFO Story 3: Three Types of Close Encounter UFO Story 4: Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind!r UFO Story 5: 4 Tips for having a Close Encounter UFO Story 6: 3 More Tips for having a Close Encounter

These stories are taken from James M. Deem's How to Catch a Flying Saucer


When I was about six or seven, I was sure that space aliens had invaded my bedroom. How to Catch a Flying Saucer by James M. Deem I was in bed, trying to sleep, when I heard voices whispering near my bed. I screamed for my parents. We looked everywhere but we couldn't find the source of the whispering. I tried to go back to sleep, but the whispering began again. I don't know how many times my parents came to my bedroom that night, but we finally discovered that an old broken radio in my room had suddenly begun to work. The voices had come from a radio announcer and singers--not space aliens. Even so, it left a lasting impression! By fifth grade, when astronauts were being sent into space for the first time, I looked out my bedroom window almost every night searching for UFOs. I never saw one, but I did see quite a few shooting stars.

That experience helped create a lifelong interest in UFOs and alien life forms. I even wrote a book about them; my research was based on my own fascination with the subject. Unfortunately, the book I wrote (How to Catch a Flying Saucer) is out of print now, but you might be able to locate a copy in a local library to find out how you can become a ufologist, too. One hint: The most important part of a ufologist's work is to ask questions to understand exactly what a person may have seen.


Here are a few stories to get you thinking about UFOs.

UFO Story 1. A group of mini-stories that describe the three types of UFO: the UAP, the IFO, and the TRUFO.

UFO Story 2. A story about a three boys boot-skating on a school playground...until a UFO lands (or does it?).

UFO Story 3. Stories about the first three types of Close Encounters.

UFO Story 4. A story about a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind.

UFO Story 5. How to see a UFO--four tips with stories.

UFO Story 6. How to see a UFO--three more tips with stories.





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