American School of The Hague

The Hague, Netherlands


I spent four days speaking to the 6th and 8th grade students of the ASH Middle School at your beautiful campus in Wassenaar.

On the first two days I spoke to Grade 6 about my book, Bodies from the Ash. I described how I grew up to be a writer. I loved reading mysteries and watching scary movies, especially if they had a mummy in them. 

Talking about the things that influenced me as a child...such as scary movies about mummies!


On the second day I introduced the 8th Grade to the topic of the Holocaust, using information from my books on Kristallnacht and Auschwitz. I talked about how I researched and wrote the books. I also gave them a preview of my upcoming book about a little-known concentration camp named Breendonk.

A slide show preview of some of the photos that may be included in my book about Breendonk. They were taken by Belgian photographer Leon Nolis.


I also spoke to a class of 11th Grade students about the forgotten people in history, by discussing my recent book, Faces from the Past: Forgotten People of North America.


Autographing a book

During my visit, I signed autographs and spent time talking to many of you. 


I had a very special four-day visit to your incredible school. 

The last day...four days went by so quickly! With Michele, Trudi, Monica, and Sue!

Your teachers and staff members are the best! 

Michele Velthuizen!

I especially want to thank your excellent, dedicated middle school librarian, Michele Velthuizen, who planned my visit and made my stay so memorable. Thank you, Michele!