International School of Berne

Berne, Switzerland

Hello, Grades 6-12! 

I spoke to Grade 6 about Ötzi and melting glaciers around the world.

Grade 6



I talked to Grades 7 and 8 about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 and the destruction of Pompeii, its rediscovery and excavation, and the making of the plaster casts.

Introducing Pompeii and my book, Bodies from the Ash


Grade 8


I spoke to Grades 9-12 about my research on Kristallnacht for my new book, Kristallnacht: The Nazi Terror that Began the Holocaust. I explained the five-year series of events that lead up to Kristallnacht, the terrible ten days that preceded it, and the four days and nights that are now considered to be Kristallnacht (November 7-10, 1938). This is not an easy subject to learn about, but you were a perfect audience. I also want to thank you for your excellent questions afterwards. I hope this is a subject that you will keep learning about.  

The day that Kristallnacht began: November 7, 1938

I read about the experiences of Francis Schott, Ernest Fontheim, and Alfred Werner

I had a wonderful time visiting your school. I especially want to thank your librarian, Jill Van Niekerk, who arranged my visit and helped make the day so memorable.