International School of Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland

Hello, Grades 5-8! 

I spent two days speaking to the Middle School at your beautiful campus in Geneva, La Grande Boissière.

I was greeted at the airport by three of your teachers and your librarian. 


On the first day I spoke to Grades 5 and 7 about my book, Bodies from the Bog. I described how I grew up to be a writer. I loved reading mysteries and watching scary movies, especially if they had a mummy in them.

 I was also interested in anything that went into or came from outer space.

I explained how I first got the idea for my book on bog bodies (when I was visiting the British Museum back in 1990, looking for the Snettisham Hoard):

I stumbled across a bog body named Lindow Man and decided to write a book about bog bodies.

Many of you had never heard of bog bodies before. Even though they are a little creepy, they are also very interesting. These bodies teach us a lot about history and science. You asked really good questions at the end of each presentation.


On the second day I spoke to Grade 6 about glaciers and how they are melting now, based on the reached for my book Bodies from the Ice: Melting Glaciers and the Recovery of the Past

I discussed the history of Mont Blanc and its many glaciers.


Then I introduced the 8th Grade to the topic of Kristallnacht.

I began by reading from the Introduction to my new book, Kristallnacht: The Nazi Terror that Began the Holocaust, which tells the terrible true experience of a young Jewish boy named Francis Schott.


During my visit, I signed autographs on books and bookmarks.   


I had an incredible time at your school, getting to meet you and your teachers. I especially want to thank your indefatigable librarian, Ines Zeiner, who planned and supervised the events and made my stay so enjoyable and unforgettable.