John F. Kennedy International School

Saanen/Gstaad, Switzerland

The heart of Saanen, Switzerland

Hello, Grades K-8! 

I spoke to Grades 3-8 about my book, Bodies from the Ice: Melting Glaciers and the Recovery of the Past. Then you planned your own stories and some of you had the chance to tell your stories on video for your teacher, Miss Anne Marie MacLean.

Brainstorming story ideas

More story ideas

And still more ideas for stories

Telling a story for the videographer!

Another story recorded!

Kindergarten and Grade 1 students were wonderful listeners as I read my story about the ghost town treasure. Then you drew pictures about the story. We had a wonderful time talking about treasure, ghost towns, and hidden coins.

A ghost town

That night I spoke to parents, teachers, and other adults about my research on Ötzi and melting glaciers. Everyone who came was greeted by this sight:

Evening guests were greeted by someone who might have been recovered from a melting glacier

All of my sessions were held in a very nice local hotel:

Hotel Grosses Landhaus im historischen Dorf Saanen: this is where all my sessions were a beautiful room

I had a great time talking to you that day. I especially want to thank your head of school, Gareth Davies, and your very special teacher, Anne Marie MacLean, who arranged my visit and helped make the day so memorable.