School Visits

Springfield Township Middle School

Oreland, Pennsylvania

Three of the students who introduced me at the start of each presentation...Thank you!


Hello, Grade 7! 

I spent a December day with you speaking to you about one of my favorite topics: research!


I began by talking about how I grew up to be a writer and the types of books I chose to write. Then I introduced you to my rules of research. I talked about some of the interesting (and occasionally strange) adventures I've had. I told you the story about the woman who went into the church at midnight and how I did my own research for that story (retrieving the key after driving down the lane and stopping at the second house on the right). 

After one presentation


I told you about my experience with Senbi the Scribe, the Egyptian mummy at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. You can see Senbi right here


l told you about (and showed you a few photos from) my book, Faces from the Past: Forgotten People of North America.

Talking about my newst book: Faces from the Past


I answered your questions after each presentation. 

Listening to a question Answering a question Answering a question 

  At lunch I was really glad to have time to meet with a small group of students over pizza to talk in more detail about writing and research. 

Two students at lunch

I enjoyed the chance to talk to you and share my research experiences. 

I want to thank your fantastic librarian, Mrs. Becker, for arranging my visit. You have a great library--it looks like the perfect place to do some research to me!