West Vigo Middle School

Terre Haute, Indiana

Hello, students of WVMS! I was happy to be your guest a November morning.

I spoke to you about my book Bodies from the Ice: Melting Glaciers and the Recovery of the Past that has been nominated for the young Hoosier Book Award. I talked about the history of glaciers and how they were explored, as if they were a new continent. I discussed the various people who have been found buried in glaciers, from Ötzi the Iceman to the Inca children to Sir George Mallory. You were a great audience, and your questions were very thoughtful. Thank you for being such great listeners and thinkers!

Students who won books for answering the most research questions were:

I'd like to thank your hard-working librarian, Mrs. Gasway, for her help in arranging my visit to your school and her hospitality during my stay.