Woodland Middle School

Gurnee, Illinois



I visited with the 6th grade students of Woodland Middle School on an April day! 

I spoke about how I became an author and the types of books I write. I talked about the differences in my fiction and nonfiction books. 

Then I discussed the ancient civilizations that I have researched, including:

3,000 years of Egyptian mummification

Next I gave you a quick tour of 3,000 years of Egyptian mummification using many rare images that I've collected from museums around the world. 

I had a chance to answer your questions when some of you had the opportunity to "Dine with Deem." You asked great questions, and I was sorry to see our time together end.


Dine with Deem

Thank you to Ms. Perrin for arranging such a wonderful visit--and for taking the photos on this page!