After an international school appearance (Grades 6-11)

"[Your speaking] about research techniques/do’s and don’ts/pitfalls ... carried great authority from someone who does this all the time as a living.

“Such a fun day of learning. I especially appreciated how James gave examples of his research process that showed our students how important multiple sources and picture credits are!” 

After a middle school appearance (Grades 6-8)

"Thank you so much for visiting our school....   Everyone, students and staff alike, truly enjoyed your presentations.  You kept students engaged throughout all three assemblies, which was quite a feat, especially since it was the day before our spring break.  Our "Author Meet and Greet" session was the ‘icing on the cake,’ so-to-speak. I am so glad we opted to do this.  It was a real treat for all who attended.   And, our principal, ... who stopped in for just a short time, agreed that it was a great experience for our students.  The four students, who won our drawing for your books that day, were also thrilled to have you autograph them. It was a perfect way to celebrate our ... Reading Day!

After a high school appearance (Grade 9)

"I've been getting rave reviews all day about your presentations yesterday! Thank you so much, the kids were captivated!"

After a middle school appearance (Grades 6-8)

"Our building is still buzzing with enthusiasm from your visit.  AND ...your books are flying off the shelves.  I am also working with the 8th grade science teachers as they explore chemistry and bogs.... short research piece....Thanks again!"

After a middle school appearance (Grade 6)

"Yesterday afternoon the principal came into the library to give me a big high five about the day. The feedback from her, the students, and the faculty was overwhelmingly positive. Your melding of learning about writing, studying ancient history through bodies, and the research you do were a perfect fit for our students and our curriculum. Your years in the classroom were evident! We all hope you come east again next year!"

After a middle school appearance (Grades 6-8)

"This past week we had James Deem visit our school, and it was a wonderful experience. He's written Bodies from the BogBodies from the Ash, and Bodies from the Ice as well as two new books about the Holocaust. For our sixth graders he talked about mummies while the seventh and eighth graders heard about Auschwitz in two separate presentations. This presentation was especially riveting--our students were captivated. Also, he offered to have lunch with a small group of students, so I had the teachers pick students who had had outstanding research projects during the school year. This group of students were hanging on every word he said and were so disappointed to have to go back to class. Because he was a former teacher, he understands how to hold the students' attention...His wife was a former school librarian who has "educated" him well on the budget end for schools. As he was leaving, he told me when he is in Illinois again next year, he would love to return. Because he can speak on so many different topics and because nonfiction is so heavily included in the common core, we are definitely going to take him up on his offer."

After a middle school appearance (Grades 6-8)

"Just want to let you know how much our students enjoyed your visit and are still talking about it. Today I had students show up at my door asking for copies of your books to read!  We would love to bring you back."

After a middle school appearance (Grades 5-7)

"The...students loved your amazing presentations yesterday. It's obvious you've taught forever, because our students were hanging on your every word. You gave a wonderful presentation to the kids about how to establish a writing process for creating a explained several writing scenarios from the initial idea, through a tentative structure, the research phase, the writing of chapters and the inclusion of photos/graphics and spoke well to the students and I thought that the kids who attended learned something about being a published author of a researched work.  Can't wait to have you back again next year with your new books!"

After a middle school appearance (Grades 5-7)

"We've had so many positive responses...James Deem was a BIG success. The students were really "engaged" and learned so much. I appreciate your flexibility!"

After a middle school appearance (Grade 7)

"...the 7th grade teachers, as well as our principal, were very complimentary about your presentation, and we have already talked about the possibility of a repeat performance next year if you are available. Jim, it was a pleasure to meet you and to have you share your stories with our students. Your stories personalized the research process and showed students that research is active and interesting (I am sure that this is a revelation to many kids!)." 

After a middle school appearance (Grades 6-8)

"Many of the teachers told me that you were the best speaker we had ever had!"

After a middle school appearance (Grades 6-8)

"The students really enjoyed interacting with you and learning from you. I talked with several students and teachers afterward and across the board everyone thought it was awesome! Without exception the students who ate lunch with you raved about the experience! ...You sparked an interest in me to learn more about Pompeii and see it for myself some day."

After an elementary school appearance (Grade 6)

James M. Deem "was the only guest speaker my sixth graders came back from that they didn't say 'boring.' " 

After a middle school appearance (Grade 6)

"This is the third time I have worked with James Deem. Each time we have tried something different. He is very open to structuring his presentation to meeting your students' needs."

After an elementary school appearance (Grade 4)

"Your presentation is engaging and well-organized. Questions are welcomed and interaction is genuine."

After a middle school appearance (Grades 5-8)

"On behalf of the students and staff, I would like to thank you for sharing your books and stories. Your books are so different and so unique; they can be enjoyed by a wide range of students who have a variety of interests."

After an elementary school appearance (Grade 4)

"An overall wonderful experience. Informative, entertaining, and educational. Wow!  We could have listened for hours."

After a middle school appearance (Grade 6)

"Informative and entertaining! James Deem is very willing to work with what the teachers want students to accomplish."

After an elementary school appearance (grades 4 & 5)

"Mr. Deem’s program was interesting, informative and entertaining. Both the students and the teachers were attentive and engaged. The subject matter tied into new language arts standards and served as a catalyst for writing projects. Prior to his visit, our students logged on to his web page. They were able to interact with him using his e-mail link. Mr. Deem was quick to answer student mail, encouraging them to write to him. He is energetic, personable and accommodating."

After an elementary school appearance (Grades 5 & 6)

"Thank you so much for your visit. It was truly a joy to have you visit our campus. The students and faculty are still talking about it."

After an elementary school appearance (Grade 5)

"Mr. Deem piqued student interest in a variety of topics. His fifth grade writing experiences were great to relate to our students. Above all, he stressed the importance of research and observation and showed the students that research and writing are not dull!"

After an appearance at a young authors' conference

"I wish to thank you for...speaking to our budding young authors.  You were absolutely an inspiration to them! What a wonderful role model for our students! You captured their hearts and admiration!"

After an elementary school appearance

"The students and teachers enjoyed listening to you speak.... The [mummy] slide show was a great hit and many of the students read one or more of your books since meeting you. The students talked about your presentation for days after the 'big day.' I would like to thank you for being so easy to work with and realizing how important it is for the children to experience the success of others."

After an elementary school appearance

"Mr. Deem is a great speaker. The students really responded to his slides, as well as passages from his books. He was very motivational, encouraging the students to write and read for the pure joy of it. A delightful guest--terrific program."

After an elementary school appearance

"James Deem presents an overview of the creative process from start to finish. His books cover interesting topics that are fascinating to children. He can gear the program to different age groups and always has captivated an audience. You can sense that he enjoys teaching and working with children.... James Deem is a pleasure to work with."

After an elementary school appearance

"He had great rapport with the students. They were very interested in his books. The author's entire presentation was very good and interesting."

After a middle school appearance

"Mr. Deem was punctual, well-prepared, and genuinely interested in addressing our students. Mr. Deem offered an excellent presentation which all of our students enjoyed and benefited from."

After a public library appearance

"You were wonderful! I found your talk interesting and I thought you fielded some very provocative questions brilliantly. You certainly could gauge the interest from the amount of questions the group managed."


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